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Are you feeling it this morning? I know I am.

The symptoms are all the same: headache, tiredness, maybe even irritability. Does the sound of biased news coverage make your head pound? Do images of large touchscreen maps colored in red and blue blur through your hazy memories of last night?

Which ever side you were on, whether drunk off victory or just depressed in defeat… we’re all suffering today through the Post Election Hangover. After watching people’s reaction over Facebook to the election, a friend commented to me:

“All my liberal friends were praising God and conservative friends are crying out like oppressed slaves. People are RIDICULOUS!”

She’s right. This is whole thing is ridiculous.

Let’s just take a deep breath. Today is a new day. There’s only one cure for hangover, so stop what you’re doing right now. Maybe you’ve taken to Twitter to lick your wounds and say something like, “I weep for our nation” or “…at least God is still in charge!” Stop that. Stop it now. Or maybe you’re rockin’ your Obama/Biden vintage 2008 T-shirt today. No one likes a gloater. Change your shirt. Now.

After all is said and done… after all of the arguing, debating and fighting of the last few months, we’ve forgotten how to be friends and neighbors. Heck, many of us have forgotten how to be decent human beings. The only cure for the Post Election Hangover is a dose of sanity and perspective.

So take two (or more) of these links and call me in the morning. They should do the trick.

How to Move Beyond Election Day

After the Election of a New President

Wondering Today

Moving Beyond the Either/Or

The Most Powerful Decision Maker Isn’t the President. It’s THIS Person…

After Election Stress Relief

To end, here’s just a reminder of the wise words from our Aussie friend Ben Lee, that “We’re All In This Together” regardless of how you voted. Let’s start acting like it.

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