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The Pope’s Top Ten

  Pope Francis strikes again. It seems he can do no wrong. In a recent interview with Argentine weekly, the Pope laid out his top ten list of how to live as a happier, more joyful person and they’re spot on. 1. “Live and let live.” Everyone should be guided by this principle, he said, …


Being a Parent at 2 AM

As I sit down to write this, it’s 2:31 AM  and I can’t sleep. Just down the hall, I have a room full of middle school girls all catty, giggling and carrying on. Sleepovers are the worst, if you’re a parent.  I can almost hear Samuel L. Jackson’s voice running in my head as he narrates …


The Value of Things & Banksy

Graffiti artist/social commentator Banksy took to the streets of New York yesterday (October 13) to teach us a lesson about art and the value of things. He set up a booth in Central Park selling his work – original sign canvases. It was a simple, inauspicious looking stand that was manned by an elderly gentleman. …

By: Jelle

How to Speak with a Fundamentalist

Having a radio show and speaking at public events has brought with it may different unique challenges. One of those has been dialoguing with the general public through emails and comments. Anytime you poke at sacred religious cows with a stick, you’re bound to rouse the ire of the Fundie crowd. And no, contrary to …