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The Problem with Islamophobia

“We do not arm ourselves against any nation; we do not learn the art of war; because, through Jesus Christ, we have become the children of peace.” -Origen of Alexandria Take these thoughts from Origen and then lay them over the typical Christian Facebook or Twitter posts. I’d wager to say that you’d find quite …


What Does the Fox Say and the Beauty of Mystery

As long as you haven’t been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard the song “What Does the Fox Say?”And if you are one of those rock dwellers, see the above video to catch up. It’s an absolute absurdist joke of a song/video by Norwegian duo Ylvis that’s meant to …

By: Pascal

Dealing with Fear

  I’ve done lots of risky things in my life. Moved my family across country, proposed to my wife at age 18, kayaked a class 4 rapid then decided to hike back up river and swim it the second time. I have even eaten balut (look it up). Once, when I was cliff jumping, I …


Djesus or Jesus: Who Do You Follow?

[Warning: this video contains violent imagery] Some may call this sacrilege. I call it funny. Ultimately, this SNL sketch has less to do with Christ and more to do with Tarantino. But it did get me thinking. As I watched through this parody of Tarantino it also seemed to also be a pretty good parody of the …