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The Pope’s Top Ten

  Pope Francis strikes again. It seems he can do no wrong. In a recent interview with Argentine weekly, the Pope laid out his top ten list of how to live as a happier, more joyful person and they’re spot on. 1. “Live and let live.” Everyone should be guided by this principle, he said, …


The Problem with Islamophobia

“We do not arm ourselves against any nation; we do not learn the art of war; because, through Jesus Christ, we have become the children of peace.” -Origen of Alexandria Take these thoughts from Origen and then lay them over the typical Christian Facebook or Twitter posts. I’d wager to say that you’d find quite …

By: Pascal

Dealing with Fear

  I’ve done lots of risky things in my life. Moved my family across country, proposed to my wife at age 18, kayaked a class 4 rapid then decided to hike back up river and swim it the second time. I have even eaten balut (look it up). Once, when I was cliff jumping, I …


Authenticity vs Oversharing

photo by: Patrick Lanigan I’ve been having lots of conversations with people about what defines a community. With that conversation the word ‘authenticity’ keeps coming up. It’s one of those buzz words that we all like to talk about, but rarely do well. So what is authenticity? Let’s get a working definition as a frame …