Requiem of a Dream: A Radio Liturgy


Thought I’d share this with you from my radio show. It’s a radio liturgy journeying through music that echoing the ethos for holy week. Enjoy. 

Requiem of a Dream

Here’s the music only version:


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This is Pure Genius!


I see this all the time down at the pub (and the coffee house) and have also done it myself (too often). Sometimes you just gotta put the phone down and be present.

We live in a smartphone obsessed culture and I totally love this idea. It’s a specifically crafted beer glass that’s meant to rest on top of your cellphone. There comes a time when you just need to put the phone down and enjoy the people that you’re physically spending time with (as opposed to the cyber friends you have floating out in the interwebs). I just want to see this also come in the style of a coffee/travel mug.

For more on this head on over to NPR unless you’re reading this post while sitting down at a table with people. In that case, put down your phone and check it out later.

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Thumbs Up!


I’ll admit it. It’s true. I’m a serial texter when I drive. My wife keeps it in check when she’s riding shotgun with me, but when I’m driving solo… that’s a different story. My kids have recently been convicting me about this bad habit and recently found this awesome new campaign to help texting schmoes like me. It’s called Red Thumb Reminder and here’s their website:


The idea is simple. You paint your right thumbnail to act as a visual reminder to not text while you drive.

So earlier this week, they painted my thumbnail – sparkly red. It lasted for about 10 hours because apparently I scratch my nails when I’m not paying attention. Now, I’ve resorted to a sharpie and a black thumb nail. Looks like I have frostbite.

I will say that it seems to be working pretty well. It’s also worked to slow me down in my day. The car is my new zen space to contemplate and pray as I go between places in my day.  So I recommend taking on this challenge to the rest of you text-a-holics out there!

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Beautiful Story of an Immigrant Church Feeding Families in Need

Here’s an immigrant congregation in Durham, NC that is giving back to the community and making a real difference. It’s a beautiful story about what it means to be the church together. Do you know any immigrant churches in your neighborhood? How are they fostering community?

This video was produced by Uniting NC, a great organization working to make North Carolina a place in which all people, including immigrants, have the opportunity to thrive and to engage in their communities.